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  • The Valediction: Three Nights of Desmond

    The Valediction: Three Nights of Desmond

    Afghanistan was an American crusade to win the cold war against the “Evil Soviet Empire” and remake the world in its own image. Our telling goes right to the heart of understanding what really happened to America with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Instead of fulfilling the Western Dream, the US trapped itself in its own nightmare of endless war. Now Americans long for a spiritual regeneration towards peace. No one seems able to make the process move in the right direction. Over four decades we assimilated an understanding of how to envision moving from war as an honorable sacrifice to peace that serves all. Our two-part novelized memoir delivers a revelatory look at how we came to that awareness throughworldly and otherworldly encounters with many fascinating people along the way.                   -The Valediction: Three Nights of Desmond Book 1 combines Three Days of the Condor and JFK as journalist Paul Fitzgerald unravels the deep state mystery behind the unsolved 1979 assassination of U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan Adolph Dubs. Dubs’ death changed the world as much as JFK’s but few even know his name. In a serendipitous encounter at the Kabul Hotel during his investigation, Paul meets a mysterious ally who not only helps him solve the Dubs’ murder, he challenges Paul’s assumptions about why he was drawn to Afghanistan in the first place and what to do about it.  


  • Revelations: 	The True Story of Rev. Dr. Joseph Leo Theriault

    Revelations: The True Story of Rev. Dr. Joseph Leo Theriault

    The Rev. Dr. Leo Theriault is not only an Anglican priest, an erstwhile Roman Catholic priest, but a Doctor of Psychology—a recognized authority on psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, and group management. He knows the depth of sex scandals, why they occurred, and why the church is so ill-equipped to control the inequities. Leo may be considered a rogue priest, not in the typical interpretation of a malefactor against the creeds or liturgy of the Church, but as a foot soldier battling the evil manifestation of repugnant morals and mores within. With master’s in theology and doctorate in psychology, the Church hierarchy assumed they had a great defender in their midst against accusations. This was not to be. Leo fought child abuse from the podium, the pulpit, the couch, and the courts. The reader possibly will maintain or retain their peace of mind and assurance of their faith. Leo was a Ford Foundation Fellow.


  • Hope Restored

    Hope Restored

    A controversial Canadian politician details the extreme changes society must make to save itself This powerful book argues that the human species is at a tipping point when it is forced to choose between a New World Order fascist government committed to rapid depopulation or a world of peace and justice. Hellyer demonstrates that God is alive, well and everywhere, and that humanity's choice is between the Dark and the Light. To follow the Light means giving up atomic weapons, replacing the oil economy with clean zero-point energy developed by Americans in the 1960s, having governments create 34 percent of all new money for public purposes rather than borrowing it from the 62 elite banking families, a reconciliation of the two main branches of Islam, and a just settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute to bring peace to the Middle East. Finally it will be necessary for all countries, races, and faiths, especially young people, to forgive past atrocities and work together in common purpose to save the heritage they have in common. BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY280 PAGES, 6 X 9FORMATS: TRADE PAPER, MOBIPOCKET, EPUBTRADE PAPER, $24.95 (US $24.95) (CA $29.95)PUBLICATION DATE: SEPTEMBER 2018ISBN 9781634241847RIGHTS: WORTRINE DAY (SEP 2018)CREDOS)


  • A Sorcerer's Apprentice

    A Sorcerer's Apprentice

    Follow the fascinating story of one man's journey into the realm of the fantastic: the CIA-sponsored psychic spies with the ability to extend their consciousness to accurately describe targets not only half a world away but to look into the future as well. It all sounded like science fiction to John Herlosky after reading an expose by former member of the CIA's Project Stargate, Dr. David Morehouse. Two years later, skeptical but intrigued by the possibilities implied, John entered the classroom of Dr. Morehouse to find out the truth—and never looked back. A Sorcerer's Apprentice is an autobiographical account of the author's experience learning the CIA-sponsored scientifically validated form of extrasensory perception called "remote viewing." The book chronicles the author's journey from interested skeptic to operational remote viewer working his first mission as well as his former life as a police officer and private military contractor. He takes you on a journey from the crushing depths and pathos of the wreck of the Titanic to the fate of a downed pilot missing for 19 years from the first Gulf War. Witness the personal turmoil as the author's long-held beliefs clash with the powerful implications of his experiences. BODY, MIND & SPIRIT280 PAGES, 6 X 9FORMATS: TRADE PAPERTRADE PAPER, $19.95 (US $19.95) (CA $23.95)PUBLICATION DATE: APRIL 2015ISBN 9781634240000RIGHTS: WORTRINE DAY (APR 2015)


  • Self-Portrait of a Scoundrel

    Self-Portrait of a Scoundrel

    A Kennedy insider steps out of the shadows with a riveting account of his life and escapades Released for the first time 16 years after his death, this startling autobiography by one of the so-called “three tramps” from the John F. Kennedy assassination reveals the details of Chauncey Marvin Holt’s many claims. Much mystery and suspicion still swirls around that fateful day in November 1963, and theories abound in nearly every form of media. But one of the major mysteries revolves around the three men spotted and later arrested in Dealey Plaza. Holt’s controversial confession to being one of the three tramps has a history of its own, and in his own words he delves into his unique and wild background and life. From his United States Air Force service during Pearl Harbor to his associations with the mob and the CIA, Holt discusses his experiences and encounters in great detail. From a man who truly lived a rare and unique life, the book explains the ins and outs of his associations with Lee Harvey Oswald and the assassination in this unique retrospective of a complex and occasionally dubious life. BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY608 PAGES, 5.5 X 8.5TRADE PAPER, $24.95 (US $24.95) (CA $27.95)PUBLICATION DATE: AUGUST 2013ISBN 9781937584375RIGHTS: WORTRINEDAY (AUG 2013)


  • You’re Not Alone: Three Trimesters of Stories About Surviving Loss

    You’re Not Alone: Three Trimesters of Stories About Surviving Loss

    This book is not just a single story from one person; it covers a vast cross section of both bereaved mothers and fathers, from all backgrounds. This highlights to the reader (if they have experienced loss) that they are not alone. They are given a community of support to help strengthen themselves against feelings of shame, guilt, depression, and isolation. They are given ideas about what might help them to manage their pain, and give them hope that the vastness of the despair they feel will not always engulf them so wholly. Not only does the book address aiding those who are grieving, but also, in donated proceeds, it helps to fund the research that will reduce these tragic instances in the future.


  • The Land of Broken Crystals: (And The Girl Who Knew Too Much)

    The Land of Broken Crystals: (And The Girl Who Knew Too Much)

    Jane’s exceptional psychic abilities made her the target of MK Ultra mind control systems beginning in the early 1960’s. Integral to breaking the mind and spirit of children is removing the loving mother from the family. When they took her mother, Jane was only seven. As a little girl she instinctively began a walkabout in the woods and fields around her house in Hanover, MA. Lifetimes of knowledge unfolded almost magically as she quickly learned to speak the language of animals, flowers, and trees. This is a natural ability we all have and our normal human state of being. This book reveals the shocking details of the Satanic forces in our world who are currently trying to genocide of children, and how you can claim your own shamanic powers—your ability to communicate with nature and traverse the magical worlds of power animals, angels—to fight back. After childhood she set out on a journey to find her mother, but soon realized she had lost the mother in her dreams. She had found peace until a woman with a thick blue vein down the center of her forehead stole her two children using trauma-based mind control. She was a psychopath intent on the destruction of Jane and her lineage. It was an ancient war reenacted between infidel and Christian. The story which unfolds is one of extreme loss, unfathomable grief, trips back in time, death-defying risks, magical horses, Snow White Owls, and attacks by demons, witches, and corrupt judges and guardians. But Love is the strongest force in the world and the ties between grandmother, mother, and daughters were more powerful. It is a journey you will never forget but would never want to live. Pre-Order: Projected Release date November 19, 2022





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