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  • Royal Vengeance

    Royal Vengeance

    Was Princess Diana murdered? Yes, she was. That part is easily seen—even the means are known. She was gravely injured in a deliberate car wreck that immediately killed two other people, and she was then allowed to slowly bleed to death from internal injuries. But why? And to what end? She stirs up our passions even today—but she will never die. Not really. She has joined the Pantheon. Diana began life as we all do—but then, she revealed herself in her goddess form, and the world responded. And we still respond, even though she has returned to the place where there is no time, and even though we no longer see her moving amongst us. She was a bridge figure, both human and divine. We have met such figures before, through all the ages—gods and goddesses, saints and saviors—and their fate has always been the same. They have always been killed. But by whom? And to what purpose? Royal Vengeance answers all these questions and more.   This is a pre-Order. Book projected be ???? ...  


  • Fraud of Turin

    Fraud of Turin

    What more is there to add about the Shroud of Turin? The linen cloth with the faint image of the crucified Jesus in the position of burial is perhaps more popular today than at any other time. But the Shroud unlocks for us another world, a forgotten world.THE FRAUD OF TURIN, written by Catholic writer James Day, objectively reviews the evidence for a medievalcreation, but it is written for religious believers, art lovers, and history buffs showing just how all consuming the Passion of Jesus Christ was to the medieval mind.What emerges is an epic journey with crusaders to Jerusalem's Holy Sepulcher, into Arthurian lore and the search for the Holy Grail, and across the Black Sea into mysterious Constantinople. James Day boldly sets out to find the truth of the world's most famous religious artifact.



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