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The End ... is Only the Beginning

The End ... is Only the Beginning


2022 and the Coming of God


By S.K. Bain

A substantial percentage of conservative Christians already believe that the signs of the Apocalypse are everywhere, and almost daily witness what they believe to be fulfillment of Biblical end-times prophecies. Yet, significant numbers of quite sincere, earnest Bible believers have for the last 2,000 years looked at the conditions in the world around them and, based on their interpretation of scripture, concluded that the jig was up. And they’ve all been wrong. Every single time. But what if, just maybe, ours is the final generation? Can we know for certain that we have arrived at the End of Days?

God’s Clock
There is a clock in the heavens. God placed knowledge of this clock into the minds of men in the earliest days of civilization. It was practically universal across the millennia among all peoples and nations. In modern times, we have forgotten this knowledge. We have become too busy and distracted for such things. Now, God is re-awakening this ancient wisdom in our hearts and minds in a profound way, at this specific time in history for a very significant reason, the ultimate reason.

Time’s Up
As S.K. Bain adroitly explains, God has very plainly told us that NOW is the time, and told us in such an unmistakable and convincing way that it will not only confirm the faithful’s existing beliefs about where we are on God’s timeline, but will also attract the interest and attention of unbelievers, as well. If Bain is correct, it is a message of hope, a message intended for us, at this precise moment in human history, designed so that all may see, all may know, all may understand and believe. This world must pass so that God’s new world may emerge. The last grain of sand is about to pass through the neck of the hour glass, and God is telling us what time it is, that time has run out.

S.K. Bain is the former art director for Rupert Murdoch’s Weekly Standard magazine in Washington, DC, where he worked with FoxNews’ Tucker Carlson and New York Times columnist David Brooks. Bain is the author of three titles published by TrineDay: The Most Dangerous Book in the World: 9/11 as Mass Ritual (2012); Most Dangerous: A True Story (2015); and, Black Jack: The Dawning of the New Great Age of Satan (2019).

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