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Angels Over Moscow: Life, Death and Human Trafficking in Russia

Angels Over Moscow: Life, Death and Human Trafficking in Russia


Angels Over Moscow is the action-packed, inspirational memoir of American physician, Dr. Juliette Engel, founder of MiraMed Institute and the Angel Coalition, who uncovered the sex trafficking of orphanage girls from Russia to Scandinavia and North America while working on maternal and infant healthcare reform in the former USSR.

During a mission to improve medical care for children in orphanages, Dr. Engel discovered a link between the State institutions and an international network that trafficked young Russian girls to Scandinavia for prostitution. She followed their trail north into Norway, where she ran headlong into the international slave trade of the 20th Century—human trafficking. From that point forward, there was no turning back for the determined doctor, as she traveled throughout the former USSR, often at great personal peril, building a network of villagers, educators, police, media, and government officials called the Angel Coalition who committed their talents and resources to fighting human trafficking and bringing thousands of Russian trafficking victims safely home. As a result of her work, she became eyewitness to the collapse of an empire as the USSR broke apart, and the Russian people struggled to find their identity without losing their humanity. Her strength and personal commitment saved thousands of lives and has helped heal the wounds of a broken nation. In Angels Over Moscow, Dr. Engel describes her journey as the "gift of an unexpected life." More than that, it is a tribute to American ideals and to idealists like Dr. Engel, who put her life and freedom on the line to fight the good fight for all of us.

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