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The Science Behind Microwave War

The Science Behind Microwave War


The media, whose duty it is to protect citizens in a democracy, has failed miserably: it is silent on the Pentagon’s experimentation with the bioeffects of electromagnetic attack. Newspapers, TV and radio stations ignore letters and emails that Americans send to them in which they report harassment in detail, even supplying videos taken in high def with stereo sound, doctors’ reports, and corroborating testimony from witnesses. Senators and House reps respond with boilerplate statements thanking them and reminding them that their opinions count. The subject of Nazi military experiments that the Pentagon is doing in New York City is taboo. And yet people gather on the street, in department stores, at the library, in crowded subway cars, and they discuss these things. The Pentagon cannot keep its development of the police state a secret forever. People already know. And the word is spreading fast.
The military denies that it is developing electromagnetic weapons precisely because they are silent and imperceptible; because they cause long-term neurological damage, intimidate and harass, entrain the brain, alter perception, induce mood change, wake people up or put them to sleep, animate or calm them down; because they maim, kill or cause the migration of mass populations via weather modification, artificially induced earthquakes of high magnitude, and volcanic eruptions.
This study will address the gamut of diverse tools in the Pentagon’s arsenal: high power microwave (HPM); electromagnetic pulse (EMP); extra low frequency (ELF); through-the-wall imaging (TWI); smart skin for airplanes that permit the entire hull of an aircraft to act as an antenna, receive and transmit radio waves, image through buildings and vehicles with precision, send a shock to the brain and heart of a target on the other side of a barrier, set an apartment building on fire, explode a subterranean steam pipe, skew the electronics in an aircraft to get rid of someone for political purposes, or set a country on fire in the middle of the night by using laser to heat up brush. All of these things have occurred.

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